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From Xarah With Love

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How To Add A Facebook Header Image

A short video that shows how you can add an image or photo to your Facebook header wall.

Referal Based Crowdfunding Platform

We voluntary choose to contribute to other people’s campaigns in return we can receive from an unlimited number of other members campaigns = a referral based crowdfunding platform.

CrowdFunding Next Generation

What are the 3 huge adventages of Weshare Crowdfunding?

How Does CrowdFunding Work?

Have you heard about crowdfunding? But do you know how it works? This video shows.

Goals and Ideals

Kim Kiyosaki explains in this short video why some people are happy when they reach their goals and some are unhappy. And to easily change from unhappy to happy.

Hybrid CrowdFunding

This video goes into the Funding Distribution Formula for CrowdFunding

Crowdfunding Webinar

A recorded webinar that shows how Weshare Crowdfunding works and how it can help you get your dreams funded

3 Logical Mr Spock Quotes

I shared quotes from Leonard Nimoy who died earlier this year.

Probably his most famous character he played was Mr Spock, the pointy ear alien on the star ship Enterprise.

How To Kick Distractions To The Curb (And Shift Your Home Based Business Into High Gear!)

Working from home has its own challenges. It’s not only the distractions from Facebook, Skype and Email but from home “stuff”. How to avoid being distracted?

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