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From Xarah With Love

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What Happens When You Really Listen To A Song

Have you ever really listened to a song that you thought you knew and found it has a message?

Do Not Leave Your Comfort Zone

Leave the comfort zone or not leave the comfort zone – that’s the question

7 Tips For Successful Periscope

7 tips for periscopers. Of course there are more but let’s start with these 9

Happy Swiss National Day

Two scopes while holding the big flag during the celebration of the Swiss National day.

How To Make A Cool Word Cloud

Adding images, pictures, photos, graphics to your blog post enhances the experience for the visitor. And sometimes a picture says more than a thousands words.

Formula For Success (5 Top Challenges for Coaches)

Are you a coach or do you want to become one? When ever you go into something new, naturally there are challenges. Here’s to the top 5 challenges and the formula to success.

Discovering Periscope

In this post, I’ll share with you a bit about Periscope, the new video sharing phone app from Twitter. I hope these observations give you the desire and the confidence to experiment with live streaming yourself because I might do some, too.

How Gotten Fired For Not Eating Meat Has Discriminated My Life

In all my working life I have gotten fired (well, laid off is probably the better term). Thinking back I just have to laugh. This is about the last time I got “laid off” a couple of weeks ago.

Reaching Your Dreams

With crowdfunding you get donations, maximise your funding donations. Reach your dreams. Watch video now.