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From Xarah With Love

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How To Make A Cool Word Cloud

Adding images, pictures, photos, graphics to your blog post enhances the experience for the visitor. And sometimes a picture says more than a thousands words.

Formula For Success (5 Top Challenges for Coaches)

Are you a coach or do you want to become one? When ever you go into something new, naturally there are challenges. Here’s to the top 5 challenges and the formula to success.

Discovering Periscope

In this post, I’ll share with you a bit about Periscope, the new video sharing phone app from Twitter. I hope these observations give you the desire and the confidence to experiment with live streaming yourself because I might do some, too.

How Gotten Fired For Not Eating Meat Has Discriminated My Life

In all my working life I have gotten fired (well, laid off is probably the better term). Thinking back I just have to laugh. This is about the last time I got “laid off” a couple of weeks ago.

Reaching Your Dreams

With crowdfunding you get donations, maximise your funding donations. Reach your dreams. Watch video now.

Following on Instagram

Tips and tricks when following people on Instagram and how to get followers

10 Fascinating Apps For Instagram For Networkers

Description of 10 Instagram apps for networkers

3 Tips When Playing The Cashflow Game Online

Took some notes while playing the online Cashflow game. Here are 3 tips when playing the game online

What’s Your Dream?

Fulfill your dreams with a crowdfunding campaign. What dreams do you have?